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Types of motorcycles

2005 Suzuki DL650 - Hwy 1 Shuswap Lake BC

There are many types or classes of consumer (mass produced) motorcycles, but they generally fall into one of three main categories: street, dual sport (dual purpose) and off-road. Each of these can be broken down into many sub-categories. The main categories are broad and divisions within are often blurred; subcategories often overlap; one bike may fit into more than one category or sub-category. For example, adventure touring motorcycles span the street and dual sport classes. Some dual sport motorcycles are essentially dirt bikes that have had little bits added plus a few modifications to make them legal to ride on the road. A dual sport bike is street legal, so it could be considered a sub-category of street bike. To add to the confusion, it seems that every year or so, there is a new sub-category of motorcycle. There are examples of suitable beginner bikes in each main category.

2013 Honda CRF250L - Carrs Landing, Okanagan Lake BC

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