Riding Route: Lumby, Mabel Lake Rd., Mabel Lake FSR, Three Valley Mabel Lake FSR

Updated: Nov 14, 2021
Submitted by: BC-Rider
Country: Canada
Province: BC
Region: North Okanagan
Route types: Forest Service Road, Paved Backroad, Gravel Backroad
Riding Surface: Dirt (30%), Packed Gravel (50%), Pavement (25%)
Most Suitable For: Dual Sport
Also Suitable For: Street Bike, Adventure Touring


[Updated on RoadAndTrail.net] Ride from Lumby, up the east side and around the north end of Mabel Lake via Mabel Lake Road (paved), Mabel Lake FSR to Three Valley Gap, Three Valley Mabel FSR to Enderby Mabel Lake Road (paved) then to Highway 97 (Enderby) or Trinity Valley Road back to Lumby. Mabel Lake FSR is passable on most street bikes, but a dual sport or adventure bike would be best. Three Valley Mabel FSR is rougher.

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Update July 28, 2019: Rode Mabel Lake FSR section - the road was in good condition.
Update Oct 13, 2018: I rode the loop skipping Three Valley Gap and Trinity Valley - most of the roads are in good condition. There are still some bit rougher sections on the north end of Three Valley Mabel FSR due to erosion and logging activity, but not that bad. I rode into Noisy Creek this time. I've added a few photos.

Update Oct 2, 2016: Mabel Lake FSR is being actively maintained likely due to active logging in the area. The road is in good condition. On this particular day some stretches were a bit muddy with some slippery spots as it had rained recently. The road has a firm base, so even a heavy bike should be able to pass without difficulty. There are some stretches with a loose layer of coarse gravel. I rode all the way to Three Valley Gap (Hwy 1) on this trip (distance from Lumby is approximately 107 km).

Erosion on Three Valley Mabel FSR is more pronounced on the north end with some shallow ruts and exposed rocks. There are numerous small potholes along the majority of the road. You should still be able to ride a V-Strom on this road without much difficulty as long as you take it easy in some spots. The road has a hard base, so even though it had recently rained, mud was not an issue. The last (south) 13 km of the road was in excellent condition.

Update Sept 16, 2015: Mabel Lake Road (Lumby to Mabel Lake) has just been repaved.

The best choice of vehicle if doing the entire ride would be a dual sport or adventure bike. Mabel Lake FSR should be passable on most street bikes, at least if the conditions are dry. It’s a nice street bike ride from Lumby to Mabel Lake Provincial Park (paved most of the way) and also along Enderby Mabel Lake Road (paved). Some sections of the FSRs may be a bit rough or loose for some street bikes / street riders. Mabel Lake FSR is easier going than Three Valley Mabel FSR.

Trinity Valley Road connects Mabel Lake Road with Enderby Mabel Lake Road and is easily ridden on most street bikes. The road is paved part way on both ends and then become mostly smooth, hard packed gravel (it's almost like pavement in some sections).

- 0 km: Lumby Shell gas station, Hwy 6 - take Mabel Lake Road (to the north), a very nice ride
- 34.4 km: pavement ends
- 37.0 km: entrance to Mabel Lake Provincial Park
- at about 49 km: roads drops down to shoreline
- 55.6 km: side road on left to BC Recreation Site / campground (fee)
- 63.4 km: back to Mabel Lake FSR
- 65.9 km: road has become dusty; a thin layer of sand and loose gravel on a hard base; road gradually narrows with potholes present. Except for the potholes, the road is quite smooth in most sections. There are some rougher sections and occasional rocks (less than 20 cm) on the road, but it is passable on a street bike with decent ground clearance (a Goldwing, low slung cruiser or a pure sport bike would not be the best choice).
- 72.9 km: rocks cresting through road surface, but they don’t stick up much and are rounded; road narrow and high above the lake; only glimpses of the lake through the trees; some rocks on road
- there is limited lake access because the road is mostly up above lake on the hillside; there is very little public lake access
- a lot of the road cuts through the trees, so views are limited – it’s a nice ride, though
- 93.0 km: rocky incline, but still passable on a street bike – it’s not that steep, but it is somewhat rocky / gravelly (update Oct 2, 2016: the road has been much improved, so this is no longer an issue)
- 95.4 km: bridge
- 95.6 km: intersect with Kingfisher FSR / Three Valley Mabel Lake FSR; you can carry on north to Three Valley Gap (Hwy 1) which is about another 21 km, but for this ride I headed south
- road becomes rougher – small rocks / coarse gravel, shallow ruts; still passable on some street bikes, but not the best choice; some inclines, but not steep
- 108.5 km: cross under power lines
- 109.7 km: intersection – kept right
- 112.3 km: the turnoff to Noisy Creek; it's about 5 km to Mabel Lake - a nice spot, day use area, boat launch and camping (camping fees apply)
- 113.9 km: 19 km marker (old) on stump on left; a newer 19 km marker further on; road gradually widens; there are potholes and some ruts; coarse gravel and very dusty
- 133.2 km: Enderby Mabel Lake Road – nice paved road to Enderby and Hwy 97
- it's about 31.4 km to Hwy 97 and 21.7 km to Ashton Creek Store (gas)
- less than 1 km before the store is the turn-off to Trinity Valley and Lumby
- Lumby (Hwy 6) is 45.7 km away via Trinity Valley Road. The first 6 km is paved, followed by 28.6 km of good, hard-packed gravel and then 11 km of pavement to Hwy 6. Trinity Valley Road can be ridden easily on just about any street bike.

The distances above include the side trip into the BC Recreation Site (about 7.8 km in and out).

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Filename: Mabel Lk FSR - 3 Valley Mabel FSR.gpx
Type: Track    Source: Garmin BaseCamp
Comment: Mabel Lake FSR travelling north to Three Valley Gap. South on Three Valley - Mabel FSR to Enderby - Mabel Lake Road.

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