Riding Route: Chase-Falkland Rd, Skimikin Rd, Hwy 1, Salmon River Rd, (Bolean Lake)

Updated: Oct 6, 2021
Submitted by: BC-Rider
Country: Canada
Province: BC
Region: North Okanagan Shuswap
Route types: Paved Backroad, Gravel Backroad
Riding Surface: Pavement (80%), Packed Gravel (20%)
Most Suitable For: Adventure Touring
Also Suitable For: Street Bike, Dual Sport


[Updated on RoadAndTrail.net] Falkland (Hwy 97) to Turtle Valley and Tappen via Chase-Falkland Road, Skimikin Lake Road, and then Hwy 1 and Salmon River Road back to Hwy 97. The majority of the route is paved, but there is about 25 km of good gravel roads. Side route to Bolean Lake for dual sport or adventure bikes.

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Take Hwy 97 to Falkland and turn north on Chase-Falkland Road. The road is paved for about the first 17 km and is moderately twisty - there are some nice corners. There are some fronts heaves and patches. A few km past Pillar Lake (rest area and lake access) the road turns to good hard packed, oiled gravel. The gravel lasts for about 6 km, and then returns again for about another 19 km later on. The roads are fine for all street bikes.

- 0 km - Hwy 97 and Chase-Falkland Road - 12 km - Pillar Lake rest area
- 12.4 km - back on Chase-Falkland Road at Pillar Lake
- 17.0 km - gravel begins
- 23.4 km - back to pavement
- 38.0 km - go right on Skimikin Road which quickly turns to gravel
- 45.5 km - intersect with Turtle Valley Road - keep right
- 56.5 km - back to pavement
- 56.8 km - Skimikin Lake
- 68.2 km - Hwy 1 and Tappen Valley Road - right (east) on Hwy 1
- 79.0 km - turn right onto Salmon River Road (40 St SW then 10 Ave SW - heading west) – just follow the main road as it makes a number of 90 degree turns separated by long straight sections (50 St, 50 Ave, 70 St, 70 Ave, 80 St). Eventually the road becomes Salmon River Road.
- 93 km - the twistier stretch begins – there are some fun sections between here and Hwy 97
- 111.8 km - Hwy 97 and Salmon River Road

Alternate Side Route to Bolean Lake for dual sports and adventure bikes:

Be careful on switchbacks if running more street oriented tires.
- 0 km - Falkland PetroCan station
- 1 km east of Falkland on Hwy 97 turn north onto Silvernail Road to Bolean Lake: switchbacks with small rocks and gravel
- 12.8 km - left on Blair Hookup Road
- 18.2 km – left just before bridge
- 29.3 km – intersect with Chase-Falkland Road at the 7.9 km mark – go right (north). There were lots of switchbacks over on the way down from the mountain (Bolean Lake – Blair FSR)
- 33.6 km – Pillar Lake (rest area)

Note: distances are approximate

Update September 21, 2019: Salmon River Road ridden - approximately 20 km of new pavement (southern section).

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