Riding Route: Perry River Road (North Fork FSR)

Updated: Aug 31, 2016
Submitted by: BC-Rider
Country: Canada
Province: BC
Region: Okanagan Shuswap
Route types: Forest Service Road
Riding Surface: Dirt (80%), Loose Gravel (20%)
Most Suitable For: Dual Sport
Also Suitable For: Adventure Touring, Dirt Bike


A scenic ride along a forest service road beginning about 28 km north of Sicamous on Hwy 1. Road passable on a bike like a V-Strom until you get to a creek crossing at about 29 km. If you can cross the creek, you can ride another 11 km before coming to a complete road washout.

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I rode this route July 12, 2012. I am planning on riding it again September 2016. The route begins at Hwy 1 and Avoca Road approximately 28 km north of Sicamous. Less than 1 km further up Hwy 1 is an Esso station / truck stop (it's just before the bridge - Perry River). Top up your gas tank if you need to and head back to Avoca Road (on left when riding towards Sicamous). [Update: this gas station burned down and is still closed as of June 2016. Fill up in Sicamous or Revelstoke.] About 0.7 km up the paved road take the left fork (North Fork FSR). There are a number of signs posted. One states that the road is closed at 28 km to 45 km due to three bridge washouts.

The road is easily passable on a bike like a V-Strom upto the 28 km mark, at least if conditions are dry. The road is a mix of dirt and gravel - some fine, some coarse. There are a few sandy stretches, but the sand is not deep. If you're riding a bike with low ground clearance be careful; there are some rocks that stick up high enough to crunch an under engine exhaust. There are also quite a few potholes along some stretches as well as frequent rocks cresting through the dirt - most are rounded and don't stick up much. There are some uphill sections, but they are not steep, even for a more street oriented bike like a V-Strom.

There is a new bridge at 28 km, but there is a creek flowing across the road 1.1 km further up. When I made this trip the creek was about 10 m across, but half of that width was very shallow - less than 10 cm deep. The other half of the creek is deeper - about axle deep where I crossed (there may be deeper holes). There is white water in the deeper section, so it is difficult to see rocks on the bottom. If you choose to cross the creek, you can ride another 11 km before you come to a complete road washout. The road is a bit narrower and rougher beyond the 28 km mark. There are some rocky sections (fist sized rocks).

The scenery gets better the further you ride. There are numerous waterfalls cascading down the mountain sides. I did not see any signs of active logging when I made the trip on a weekday. Hopefully the road will be repaired in the near future so you can ride all the way through to Seymour Arm (Shuswap Lake). Even though you can't ride the whole route at this time (2012), it's still worth riding.

Update: the washed out bridge was scheduled to be replaced in the fall of 2014, but I don't have confirmation that it was actually replaced.

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