Riding Route: Douglas Lake Road, Hwy 5A - Westwold to Merritt

Updated: Dec 3, 2021
Submitted by: BC-Rider
Country: Canada
Province: BC
Region: Thompson Okanagan
Route types: Gravel Backroad, Secondary Highway, Paved Backroad
Riding Surface: Pavement (55%), Packed Gravel (30%), Loose Gravel (15%)
Most Suitable For: Adventure Touring
Also Suitable For: Street Bike, Dual Sport


[Updated on RoadAndTrail.net] From Westwold to Merritt via Douglas Lake Road and Hwy 5A. Route takes you through farmland, a narrow valley into a canyon, and then rises to a plateau with open range land and rolling hills and lakes. Starts off paved then good gravel road and stretches of loose gravel on a hard base. Paved section on top then gravel again. Last 39 km paved. Passable on most street bikes, but gravel sections wouldn't be fun on a pure sport bike or luxury touring bike. Best choice would be a large dual sport or adventure touring bike.

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0 km - Chevron station, downtown Vernon
58.6 km - Hwy 97 and Back Road, Westwold
- alternating pavement and good gravel
64.8 km - Douglas Lake Road - starts off as a rough and narrow paved road through a valley that gradually narrows; farms, ranches
70.5 km - pavement ends - gravel road, narrows, twisty, runs through canyon, before climbing to hill top; very scenic, lush vegetation, rock formations, streams and creeks
85.2 km - road forks - go left; views a short distance further; opens up to rangeland (Douglas Lake Ranch) and hay fields - private property
- after a few km the road becomes coarse (1 inch) gravel on a hard base - not much fun to ride on and the scenery isn't that interesting; a few lakes along the route
- Douglas Lake Ranch and fishing resort at Salmon Lake along the way
107.4 km - pavement
119.4 km - gravel, hard packed, not as loose as before, easier to ride
127.0 km - pavement - good, twisty sections as the road winds it's way along hillsides
140.3 km - Hwy 5A, left to Merritt
145.0 km - Quilchena
- gentle curves and short sections with some 60 km/h corners; follows the shore of Nicola Lake for a ways (lake access)
166.0 km - Chevron station in Merritt

Distances are approximate.

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