Review of: 2010 Suzuki DR200SE
Year, Brand, Model: 2010 Suzuki DR200SE
Submitted By: explorer
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Review Created: Jun 5, 2012
Last Update: Jun 23, 2012
Vehicle Type: Dual Sport
Vehicle Subtype(s): All Around DS Under 401cc
Engine Displacement (cc): 200
Ownership: Currently
Evaluation Period: 1 years
Evaluation Distance / Hours: 2300 km
Rider Details
Height: 64 in
Inseam: 29 in
Weight: 110 lbs
Same Type Vehicles Owned: 0
Years Riding Vehicle Type: 0

It has a large fuel tank (13 L), long riding range (38 km per liter), light weight (277 lbs), easy maintenance and easy to ride.

The top speed is only up to 115 km/hr.

* low seat height (31.9 in)
* good for small rider
* a good beginner's bike
* upright riding position